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My Daughter’s Happy Healthy Doc McStuffins Birthday Party!

Doc McStuffins Children's Birthday Party Ideas What birthday party theme does a daughter of a doctor get?…Doc McStuffins, of course!  Everything turned out so adorable I just had to share.  It is a medical inspired event that incorporates healthy ideas.  Right?  I decided to also share some of my resources throughout this post to show my appreciation to all the creative people who inspired me.  Thanks Pinterest 😀   When I am not busy trying to create engaging healthcare social media content,  my creative juices spill over into everything else.  My daughter can’t complain.  So, please allow me to pause from talking about podiatry care and let’s PARTY!

Here we are with our white coats ready to greet my girl’s kindergarten colleagues.

Podiatrist's Doc McStuffins Party for her daugter

Our visiting doctors were welcomed at the birthday registration desk with their own hand crafted stethoscopes and book of boo-boos.  It was easy to create a customized Doc McStuffins theme using clip art from the Etsy shop, Sweet Leigh Mama.

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Registration Desk with handmade stethoscopes and book of boo-boos

I purchased stuffed animal kits from the Zoo Factory for each guest to stuff and take home their own cuddly “patient.”

Purchase stuff-your-own animal kits online for Doc McStuffins birthday party

After the animals were stuffed, the girls enjoyed doctoring them up in the clinic.

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

They enjoyed crafting a Doc McStuffins doctor’s door sign sign [Get the free door sign printable here] and playing the Doc McStuffins inspired Operation board game.

Play Operation board game and use free craft printable from Disney to make Doc McStuffins doctor sign

We had an array of fun themed food which our female docs feasted on in the doctors’ lounge.

Doc McStuffins birthday party food ideas

The cafeteria offered:

  • An Apple A Day to Keep The Doctor Away!
  • Doc McStuffins’ Pizza Muffins
  • Chilly’s Cream Cheese Ball with Crackers
  • Stuffy’s Stuffed Strawberries with Nutella
  • All Natural Strawberry and Kiwi Drink

Doc McStuffins Birthday themed party food

I found the recipe for the pizza muffin batter from Alida’s Kitchen.  To make it a little more kid friendly, I reduced the amount of Italian herbs.  Before baking, I spooned a 1/2 teaspoon of pizza sauce on top.  After they baked for 20 minutes, I sprinkled shredded mozzarella on top and baked just until the cheese melted.

Pizza Muffins Recipe

Certainly, we had some sweet treats since this was a kid’s birthday party.

Doc McStuffins birthday party food treats

Our medical birthday center was equipped with the following:

  • ‘Take Your Medicine’ Candy
  • ‘Get Well Soon’ Popcorn Push Pop Shots
  • Pretzel Rod Tongue Depressors
  • Marshmallow Cotton Balls
  • Band-Aid Wafer Cookies
  • Cotton Candy Swabs

My personal favorite was creating this pharmacy of party favors using my daughter’s book shelf.

Doc McStuffins Party Favor Pharmacy

Before leaving the party, the girls shopped in the pharmacy to take home these treats:

  • Smart Pills (Smarties candies)
  • Heart Medicine (chocolate hearts)
  • Life Savers (Life Saver hard candies)
  • Hugs In A Jar (Hershey’s Hugs chocolate candies)
  • ‘Achoo’ Tissue (facial tissues)
  • Hand Sanitizers

Doc McStuffins birthday party favors

Here are a few tutorials to help plan your party

  • Stethoscopes:  hot glue ribbon to cloth covered girls headband and stuffed felt circles.
  • Book of Boo-Boos:  cover miniature notebooks with purple felt and pink heart foam sticker.
  • Hand Sanitizers:  remove front label and glue on pink heart sticker.
  • ‘Achoo’ Tissues:  wrap packs of facial tissues with scrapbook paper and tie with sheer ribbon.

DIY Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Favor Tutorials

Thanks for visiting.  Hope you enjoyed our party.  Do you have a creative health or medical party idea? Please share it with me!

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party Ideas

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